Friday, March 25, 2011

Super tiring!

Well my work today kinda fun. a lot of free period because im not doing my work. lazeihhh mehh. I did quite a lot of studying just now for my next MUET Examination with searching some stuff on internet. But doesnt work. I play around rather than the real purpose. Well my planned is to study silently without being noticed. I like it that way though. Somehow, im doing a lot of work at the last of months and for sure it was super tiring and sleepy but I managed to not fall asleep. I imagine to go back to home, just lying and rolling around the bed. So heaven! suddenly my hungry monster came. yaaaah, with doing nothing at office. duhh..and luckily some how I remembered that McDonald have delivery, took my phone and called an ordered myself a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and 2 spicy chicken. Unfortunately, they didnt do ice cream delivery. I miss yr ice cream okayy, MR McFlurry :) HAHA! So unissue. Whatever