Sunday, April 3, 2011

I miss my Ibu

Hello yellow smash to ya Presidento!

I'm not feeling great today, really not. May I cry for my bad day? Up to me lah. Yes, I cried :( I miss my mom. She too far away from me, from my sister, from my brahh, and totally far from her husband, abah :) Yeahh, seems too long day to counting when she gonna back home. I hope she and my aunt was in good condition. And buy something for me. Ohh when she called last day, her voice so different i thought. May Allah bless you all. Today, I've lost my phone. What a jerkkk. My phone doe, i know its quite normal for who doesnt care about yr phone, but me, i never dream on it okay, wasnt dream to lost my phone. Lastly, it happened. I dont know what to do. My nina was busy bubbling on me because im so careless, if you hear what i heard for sure you want to kill her. HAHA. Spoil everything what i planned with my twin. But, i forced myself without think too much about my phone with doing something fun. Well, we baking a cake. Haishhhh! I cant lah! The result, my cake tak jadiiiii! Topping je kot, sumpah im feeling nothing when baking it. I hatee my day! Seriously, for those who find my phone, please, please, pretty please give me back. Pleaaaaaseeeeeee babe. All secret i saved in the phone. Okay joke, but god please tell him/her to return my phone asap. In case, people who found my phone and not return to me back, I dont know why people like you still alive. May God Bless You.