Friday, March 25, 2011

Super tiring!

Well my work today kinda fun. a lot of free period because im not doing my work. lazeihhh mehh. I did quite a lot of studying just now for my next MUET Examination with searching some stuff on internet. But doesnt work. I play around rather than the real purpose. Well my planned is to study silently without being noticed. I like it that way though. Somehow, im doing a lot of work at the last of months and for sure it was super tiring and sleepy but I managed to not fall asleep. I imagine to go back to home, just lying and rolling around the bed. So heaven! suddenly my hungry monster came. yaaaah, with doing nothing at office. duhh..and luckily some how I remembered that McDonald have delivery, took my phone and called an ordered myself a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and 2 spicy chicken. Unfortunately, they didnt do ice cream delivery. I miss yr ice cream okayy, MR McFlurry :) HAHA! So unissue. Whatever


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hello President :)
Nao, naoo, naoo! Jangan lh takut cikgu tak garang, cikgu ni lh paling cool habis awww *pedulikan my nose and the pout*

Neahhh, so much joy I had last last laaaaaaaaast day wth my fabulous family. Poorly, my mum had delayed her flight to Mecca because her VISA not complete apa tahh. This is so sick when a day before departure time the agent called and said DELAY ! Haihhh. Annoying kann. But Insha allah it will be okay after this.

Ya know what, 3 times I stay awhile at Setiawangsa and 3 times I back to Gombak in 3 days 2 night. Gila PENAT! But FUN! And the best part when I bought a cake from one of famous blogger. So bravaaaah! This is so coolest thing because I share the moment wth whole family and it feel great time we spend like tmr never comes, cehhh. And a day after was my brother birthday, but i didnt wish anything to him. And i didnt give any cake to yaa. Sorry bro! HA HA! And that day I test drive my brother car. Feel like im driving a lorry. Ohh btw! I hate someone who driving car like PONDAN. *HATE HATE HATE! *cukup triple HATE* I You know who I pointing to :P Okay i donno what the connection between the title and my story. Ohh actualy my theme song in this blog named CANDLES. Okay, i know its annoying. Bye! HAHA

 This is not about the money, I dont want yr money, I just want yr world dance, forget about the PRICE TAG :)

I heart THEM :)

 I mmg rude gila when driving! SO WHAT!

Chillin day at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid

i miss this milkshakeee! Yummaaay! 

Guys, respectfully i dedicate to ya the delicious cake from Nani Rostam. This is yummayy and completed taste! My dad who never eat cake twice, did it. You punya cake mmg quite tasty lh Kak Nani. Bak kata my dad, Tak manis, Tak pahit. secukup rasa. hehe

Do visit her blog for more information or to order the cake, soon I want Pudding Trissle ye kak. Tapi jaaauuh, Bukit Jelutong nuuuh :( 

This PEREMPUAN was like the happiest ghost when eat the cake. Tengok tu, tengokkk! ergggggh!

Again, BYE

Friday, March 18, 2011

Facebooking like cimpanzee

Hello presidento !

HA HA HA HA Rolling rolling rolling laugh. ENOUGH facebook. I'll kill you, i'll kill you! stupid, dumb, bastard, retard, shit, fucking hell, jedooooo, cuckoooooooooo. My M16 gun ready for ya! BOMBBB!

What the hell is going on with this lameeeee shit facebook? HAAAAAAAAAAAAA? Dear Mark, explain me this. I cant stand wth yr slowness. Okaybyee MARK!

R8 like a G6 !

Im fucking in love with this car. Truly damnnnnn! If im a billionaire? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih :|

Do click this link to achieve my dreamooo. HA HA


**Yr dream will approve later. If you didnt get any . Please forget it! hahah**


Hello President !

I like this stuff. The lyrics omagaaaad really really artistic. And I love the writer too, Mista Malique :)

Salute !!!

Dont wanna hear this!

Hello president :)

Yaww yaw, i have some words that i dont want to hear and really hope it could be please for me in this time and like never foreverrr. But fact is fact. who am i want to deny HIS destiny.

  • I DONT love YOU | nobody never say this to me, yayyy!
  • You're DIAGNOSED with CANCER | :( Pretty pretty sad and please DONT ya Allah :(
  • Bf said ' I found someone else' | Neaaah, this is fucking random to be durrrrrrr :P. Like I care ?
  • It was never REAL | Yeahh, it wasnt. -.-
  • We need to TALK | My heart beating fastest like roller coaster dude when someone asking me this!
  • You're going to die | Heyy heyy! Who are you telling me this thang? You're not GOD. Pffft
  • Your _________ (could be mum and dad) is dead | amagashh, amagashhh. Im gonna die too :(
  • You can't have KIDS | This is seriously unstoppable regret to be born, because I love kids; hehehhh
  • I don't remember you | Ohhh chaaa! chillex lh, i pun never meet you how come ya remember me aite ? *Sighh -.-
  • Let's just be friend | I know, i know you still can't move on with yr last relationship. Okay I know. and we FRIEND
  • We can't be together | Pegi mampus lh. Aku pun tanak ekau :P
  • I never loved you | Ohh really ? Laaa, awat tak habaq mai. Broooo! Since when i suka you? :PPPP

HAHA. im just do sarcasm thing. but this is i dont wanna hear though. HARD to accept. Okay Chill! Chill!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pantai Sepat agaaaaaaaaain

Theres nothing to show just a boring video. Omj, he NAKED again. haha.=,="