Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quote of the day


I starting hate my work for the certain reason. DONE. Pffft !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I don't feel like I'm doing anything! I just wanna lay in my bed ! 

Oh hellooooooo guys!

Watch this stylish VC i think. And I do this with my mates okay, except take off pants and the up up down down one laa. Hee. So, nothing weird for me. It's so cooooooooooool video. No need sexxayyh chicks without clothes kann to make video. Yeahh, I wonder who wore the mask. =.='' Enjoy watching Bruno Mars a.k.a monkeeey diseaseeee. I love MONKEY !TROLOLOL! :P

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding Dream

Hello Presidentos!

The title of my entry looks like geli geli gituuu. HAHA. Kecik kecik dah berangan yek. But like i care, angan mat jenin bukan satu omong kosong , bahkan ia wawasan- Dr. Mahathir. Don't have any idea to think now because i never DREAM a wedding. see, yaaaah, I never ever dream on it. Sik pecaya sama kitak tokkkkkkk. HA HA HA! But i was like truly amazeeeeee when i watched one of clip video from the hottest guy with her sweetheart. Please guys, watch this video and imagine me as the bride. Ohh nonoonoooo, don't vomit again before you imagine me with Andy Estranged. Okay MUNTAHHH!!! Throw everything! :D

Sweet aite? Kristine was wore CONVERSE. COOL COOL COOL!!! I always think to wear a sneakers or just easy I call it converse shoes when im wearing baju kurung. Smash! Everyone will laugh at me perhaps :) But, yaaaaaaaa, this is cool okaaaaay! Who might think im insane and not cool when wearing baju kurung wth sneakers. Shuttttttttttupp yr f mouth. I think its cool. Durrrrr. My Web My Wayyy! Naah, my BRAIN, my WAYYY Hehh :)

Back to basic, my dream wedding I was thinking just now is do 'makan makan' and meeting friends for those guests who coming to my event. This is how I payback my appreciation to 'em  :) And i dont think for 'sanding reception' for what im thinking now lh kann. because Iam red-faced to expose myself and sitting on the pelamin. Seriously to say now. I dont know how the bride and the groom nowadays do that thing much easy because all eyes are catch on them. Naah, no wayyy! Shame shameee on me! But, heck i also dont know if i change today's dreaming when the next day come. weeee :)

Talking about my loving partner, for sure and for now I don't have any, even one. Keep believe that reality okay. I'm totally single in this young age. Now, for those of you have known me for like 4, 5 years, you'd know I'm such a career driven girl. Everything I do would have to be related to work or else it wasn't worth my time. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Boys to me were such a waste of time that I honestly didn't see myself getting married before 30. Boys were girls' everything but not mine. My true love for now was my dreams and ambition. Boys would be the last thing on me. And yeahh, I want my life perfect though like another people to have partner but I just can't thinking about it like NOW. I have crush on someone, but it doesn't matter for me even he likes me or not. I really couldn't give a damn about it. Eventho if I have boyfriend, I want someone who can understand me for what I want and accept me for who I am. Not just love me because of his own matter. Y' know, I'mma lazy girl sometimes, too sensitive and pampered all the time *HAHAHA* So, who could have patient on it ? So, for better I just let it be natural. I don't find love, I let love find me. I fall in love then. TRUE ?

Yeahhh, but, by looking to it, indeed i want something that i can keep the 'sweetest moment' in my life with my love partner. Everyone want it, same goes to me. Babe, my entry so unissue. I'm sleepy then. GudNite handsome. eh tetiba ! :)

Quote for today | More point to a wedding disco without a bride or groom so, there's a super cool wedd yeah !

Have a real night people :)

I miss my Ibu

Hello yellow smash to ya Presidento!

I'm not feeling great today, really not. May I cry for my bad day? Up to me lah. Yes, I cried :( I miss my mom. She too far away from me, from my sister, from my brahh, and totally far from her husband, abah :) Yeahh, seems too long day to counting when she gonna back home. I hope she and my aunt was in good condition. And buy something for me. Ohh when she called last day, her voice so different i thought. May Allah bless you all. Today, I've lost my phone. What a jerkkk. My phone doe, i know its quite normal for who doesnt care about yr phone, but me, i never dream on it okay, wasnt dream to lost my phone. Lastly, it happened. I dont know what to do. My nina was busy bubbling on me because im so careless, if you hear what i heard for sure you want to kill her. HAHA. Spoil everything what i planned with my twin. But, i forced myself without think too much about my phone with doing something fun. Well, we baking a cake. Haishhhh! I cant lah! The result, my cake tak jadiiiii! Topping je kot, sumpah im feeling nothing when baking it. I hatee my day! Seriously, for those who find my phone, please, please, pretty please give me back. Pleaaaaaseeeeeee babe. All secret i saved in the phone. Okay joke, but god please tell him/her to return my phone asap. In case, people who found my phone and not return to me back, I dont know why people like you still alive. May God Bless You.