Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remember Names

I have a classic and fabulous name (nak juga fabulous tu). Yeahh im proud with my own name. SITI FATIMAH. I am :) Siti berasal dari perkataan Arab. Pronounciation asalnyer is 'Sayyidati'. Tapi lahjah/slang Arab just mention as 'Sidti'. Dan bunyinye jadila Siti *copy sebijik dr internet* and Fatimah means "tidak menyusu lagi" ohhoooooo what is that mean ? susu apakah? Im not menyusu yet. I mean not and will do soon. muahahaa! By the way, what you need to know, my best answer when i knew the definition of my name, actually is not really the meaning lah but the history about. So guys who always like to perli perli my pretty name do check this link I know you guys just have the best name everr. And im not. And actually kan, i want to punch your dirt face when i told ya my name Siti Fatimah then you act like aaaa, seriously thats yr name? Asal? You tak percaya muka ni ada nama sebegitu old school rocka? Dushhhh!

Yaaa, mostly people that so called FRIEND just call my nickname. And I got too many nickname. Emma - Iemz - Tiffa - Siti - Timah and whatsoeverrr! I hate who like to call me TIMAH. For you it soooo cool but, for me it's humiliated enuff. Paham dokk? 

Im truly like my name like hell yeah! Durrr, sukahati i lah kannn. My name was bravvaaaaah than yours! okay perasan macam ni was okay! avid it when people easy to remember my name. kann. you get it what i mean? in many many people they only remember my name tauuuu, from another unique, long no meaning and twisted names! *eyebrow* 

Okay back to my real topic now, ambuih baru nak start. Nothing show basic respect for people more than remembering their name. Derrr! Admit it =___=' you like it when someone remembers your name after a first meeting. We all do. It makes us feel valued and respected. Now can you remember a time when someone did not remember yr name? Likely it felt awkward, and you probably looked on the  person with a bit suspicion or possibly even dislike it. But when someone demonstrates he has made the effort to remember yr name an instant connection is formed. In fact, it's a first step in developing trust with others. 

So, guys remembering people's names is such a small thing, but has such a big deal with the impact on budding relationships. With one word, we communicate that we value someone else as a human being. Trust me. You'll never walk alone, aiceh tetiba ;pp

Saturday, February 26, 2011

He is Tyson and Islam all the way ?

Mike Tyson, like all male pilgrims performing Hajj, wears whatever everyone else is wearing - simple, unhemmed, white cotton cloth, demonstrating equality among Muslims from all their various walks of life. He’s probably the only one wearing a prominent face tattoo, however-Yuna. I was impressed when I look at this picture. And I just knew this thing. All in all, seriously i dont have idea to say about this. Maybe you think this is so outdated, but I JUST KNEW okayy. So, I just like what theee ? If yeahh, alhamdulillah, but if dont, no idea. I hope that he will yank out his tattoo and do Islam all the way. InshaAllah :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

She's back !

Ohh, i am like super duper GERAM when i watched this video. The best video ever. And yeah, Britney has came back to her old Britney. Yayyy! I love Spears! I've been waiting this for so long okayy. 14 teasers and 1 sneak peek. 
She's like angel. 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let Others Shine

Salam alaaik ;)

Great newss! yayy! First of all, thanks so much to my best employer for giving me second chance to working back and and and would love to raise my salary without im asking. Syukur alhamdulillah. And for sure, thanks to Allah :) Out of my expectation, he kinda like ohh just trust my way to handle the stuff at office. Work go first, eceeeh ;p So, this is what so called LET'S OTHERS SHINE. My pack entry but i think kinda though. heee

Guys, if you find yourself always seeking spotlight, so ask yourself WHY? It is because you want others to notice you, such the boss, co-workers, or the CEO? Often we are turned off by those who earnestly SEEK the spotlight. And, ironically, we admire those who consistently point out the achievements and accomplishments of others. In short, we respect those who seek out ways to let others shine.

Just take top quarterback of Peyton Manning for example. Though he is the best of the best in the National Football League, in interview after interview with the media he seeks out opportunities to compliment his fellow players, and to remark on their contributions to winning the game.

For sure, letting someone shine can be as simple as giving someone the floor to present a new idea, pointing out someone's accomplishment in the staff meeting, or sending an e-mail to the whole team recognizing a coworker's help with their project. Same goes to me when my boss asked me what things that im not satiesfied to working there (when i need to resign before). Its like he could understand what their employee wants. And keep remind workers to   speak out if there any problem. You also can let someone shine also by recommending them for a high-profile project, or nominating them for a company bonus or award. Yes, true, many company do this things. Just like my company lah. So, you guys just LET OTHERS SHINE. Walllaaaaaaa ;)

So then, instead of investing your energy to get yourself in the spotlight, figure out ways each days to let someone else bask in the limelight. You might be surprised at the mutual admiration club you will create, and how often others will return the gesture.

Last but not least, creating opportunities to let others shine will demonstrate that you are a team player. And being a team player will gain you more in the long run than striving to be noted as the team SUPERSTAR! Not pornstar *eh joke*

" We live with trillion people, not just US "  ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There Is No Right or Wrong

There are times when we like to think that we're right and someone else is wrong. But there are never absolutes when people DISAGREE. Sometimes we like to convince ourselves there are, but that's wrong in itself. No viewpoint is without scrutiny, question, or challenge. In fact, all viewpoints are exactly that of where someone sits in terms of life experience and knowledge. And we all come from different experiences, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Holding to the conclusion that your viewpoint is right and someone else's is wrong is a missed opportunity to expand your horizons and see an issue from a different angle. In short, it's a missed opportunity to learn, and to understand, and a missed opportunity to find common ground. This is just my viewing and observation of what so called win win situation :)

So, we can let go of any stubborn hold you have of right and wrong viewpoints, and accept them for what they are simply a perspective form which someone has traveled so far in life.

"To handle yourself use your head, to handle others use your heart"

Friday, February 4, 2011

WE used to be FRIEND. i mean yeahh we still are but maybe now it turn to be a SERIOUS KIND of FRIEND :)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I hate BLUE and I hate number 9

Geez, my Fernando Torres had moved from Liverpool yesterday. Urghhh, but I still on top with you Liverpool eventho Mr Torres had join Chelsea team. Haihh, sounds retarded lah abg Torres. I hate your number nine blueish jersey! Im sure Chelsea would be happy when you be one of their team, because they know their team will NEVER score without your kickoo. Ohh, what if Ryan Giggs or Dimitar Berbatov or Rooney or M Owen join Liverpool. Will you Sir? HAHAAA! ;pp jokeeeeee

Torres - Chelsea number nine - the finished article
GILA BURUK! Tak sesuai lah you pakai jersey ni. 
Baju sekolah TADIKA anak saudara I kat Smart Reader tu lagi comeeeeeeel. 


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