Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let Others Shine

Salam alaaik ;)

Great newss! yayy! First of all, thanks so much to my best employer for giving me second chance to working back and and and would love to raise my salary without im asking. Syukur alhamdulillah. And for sure, thanks to Allah :) Out of my expectation, he kinda like ohh just trust my way to handle the stuff at office. Work go first, eceeeh ;p So, this is what so called LET'S OTHERS SHINE. My pack entry but i think kinda though. heee

Guys, if you find yourself always seeking spotlight, so ask yourself WHY? It is because you want others to notice you, such the boss, co-workers, or the CEO? Often we are turned off by those who earnestly SEEK the spotlight. And, ironically, we admire those who consistently point out the achievements and accomplishments of others. In short, we respect those who seek out ways to let others shine.

Just take top quarterback of Peyton Manning for example. Though he is the best of the best in the National Football League, in interview after interview with the media he seeks out opportunities to compliment his fellow players, and to remark on their contributions to winning the game.

For sure, letting someone shine can be as simple as giving someone the floor to present a new idea, pointing out someone's accomplishment in the staff meeting, or sending an e-mail to the whole team recognizing a coworker's help with their project. Same goes to me when my boss asked me what things that im not satiesfied to working there (when i need to resign before). Its like he could understand what their employee wants. And keep remind workers to   speak out if there any problem. You also can let someone shine also by recommending them for a high-profile project, or nominating them for a company bonus or award. Yes, true, many company do this things. Just like my company lah. So, you guys just LET OTHERS SHINE. Walllaaaaaaa ;)

So then, instead of investing your energy to get yourself in the spotlight, figure out ways each days to let someone else bask in the limelight. You might be surprised at the mutual admiration club you will create, and how often others will return the gesture.

Last but not least, creating opportunities to let others shine will demonstrate that you are a team player. And being a team player will gain you more in the long run than striving to be noted as the team SUPERSTAR! Not pornstar *eh joke*

" We live with trillion people, not just US "  ;)