Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remember Names

I have a classic and fabulous name (nak juga fabulous tu). Yeahh im proud with my own name. SITI FATIMAH. I am :) Siti berasal dari perkataan Arab. Pronounciation asalnyer is 'Sayyidati'. Tapi lahjah/slang Arab just mention as 'Sidti'. Dan bunyinye jadila Siti *copy sebijik dr internet* and Fatimah means "tidak menyusu lagi" ohhoooooo what is that mean ? susu apakah? Im not menyusu yet. I mean not and will do soon. muahahaa! By the way, what you need to know, my best answer when i knew the definition of my name, actually is not really the meaning lah but the history about. So guys who always like to perli perli my pretty name do check this link I know you guys just have the best name everr. And im not. And actually kan, i want to punch your dirt face when i told ya my name Siti Fatimah then you act like aaaa, seriously thats yr name? Asal? You tak percaya muka ni ada nama sebegitu old school rocka? Dushhhh!

Yaaa, mostly people that so called FRIEND just call my nickname. And I got too many nickname. Emma - Iemz - Tiffa - Siti - Timah and whatsoeverrr! I hate who like to call me TIMAH. For you it soooo cool but, for me it's humiliated enuff. Paham dokk? 

Im truly like my name like hell yeah! Durrr, sukahati i lah kannn. My name was bravvaaaaah than yours! okay perasan macam ni was okay! avid it when people easy to remember my name. kann. you get it what i mean? in many many people they only remember my name tauuuu, from another unique, long no meaning and twisted names! *eyebrow* 

Okay back to my real topic now, ambuih baru nak start. Nothing show basic respect for people more than remembering their name. Derrr! Admit it =___=' you like it when someone remembers your name after a first meeting. We all do. It makes us feel valued and respected. Now can you remember a time when someone did not remember yr name? Likely it felt awkward, and you probably looked on the  person with a bit suspicion or possibly even dislike it. But when someone demonstrates he has made the effort to remember yr name an instant connection is formed. In fact, it's a first step in developing trust with others. 

So, guys remembering people's names is such a small thing, but has such a big deal with the impact on budding relationships. With one word, we communicate that we value someone else as a human being. Trust me. You'll never walk alone, aiceh tetiba ;pp