Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I hate BLUE and I hate number 9

Geez, my Fernando Torres had moved from Liverpool yesterday. Urghhh, but I still on top with you Liverpool eventho Mr Torres had join Chelsea team. Haihh, sounds retarded lah abg Torres. I hate your number nine blueish jersey! Im sure Chelsea would be happy when you be one of their team, because they know their team will NEVER score without your kickoo. Ohh, what if Ryan Giggs or Dimitar Berbatov or Rooney or M Owen join Liverpool. Will you Sir? HAHAAA! ;pp jokeeeeee

Torres - Chelsea number nine - the finished article
GILA BURUK! Tak sesuai lah you pakai jersey ni. 
Baju sekolah TADIKA anak saudara I kat Smart Reader tu lagi comeeeeeeel. 


~ XoxO ~