Friday, March 18, 2011

Dont wanna hear this!

Hello president :)

Yaww yaw, i have some words that i dont want to hear and really hope it could be please for me in this time and like never foreverrr. But fact is fact. who am i want to deny HIS destiny.

  • I DONT love YOU | nobody never say this to me, yayyy!
  • You're DIAGNOSED with CANCER | :( Pretty pretty sad and please DONT ya Allah :(
  • Bf said ' I found someone else' | Neaaah, this is fucking random to be durrrrrrr :P. Like I care ?
  • It was never REAL | Yeahh, it wasnt. -.-
  • We need to TALK | My heart beating fastest like roller coaster dude when someone asking me this!
  • You're going to die | Heyy heyy! Who are you telling me this thang? You're not GOD. Pffft
  • Your _________ (could be mum and dad) is dead | amagashh, amagashhh. Im gonna die too :(
  • You can't have KIDS | This is seriously unstoppable regret to be born, because I love kids; hehehhh
  • I don't remember you | Ohhh chaaa! chillex lh, i pun never meet you how come ya remember me aite ? *Sighh -.-
  • Let's just be friend | I know, i know you still can't move on with yr last relationship. Okay I know. and we FRIEND
  • We can't be together | Pegi mampus lh. Aku pun tanak ekau :P
  • I never loved you | Ohh really ? Laaa, awat tak habaq mai. Broooo! Since when i suka you? :PPPP

HAHA. im just do sarcasm thing. but this is i dont wanna hear though. HARD to accept. Okay Chill! Chill!