Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bermusik dan berdansa itu duniaku

Heyyo readers, salam satu bumi ;)

Ohh its December! Time move fast kan. Next year gonna be 2011. What will happen? Its so unpredictable dude. But InshaAllah everything will be sunshine with you and me! I cant wait to catch my dream for the next year. 

 HAHA! Ni happy dlm terik mentari. Baru ada cahaya suci kat muka ;P

My wishlist for the next year!
  • My dad get healthy and alwayss handsome. Ahahh!
  • My mom get healthy and be gorgeous as always . Wooooo !
  • I wish my elder sister will get marry soon. asaaaaap! amin...
  • My twin sister will score an excellent result in her examination. And get a job!
  • My single brother buy a new car (boleh adik pinjam ye abg) and he find someone for me. ehehhh :p
  • My double brother be a millionaire! Ameen! Adik doakan tauuuu!
  • My sister in law get a new born. auww! adik nak babyy girl! ;p
  • My first sister always stay in good condition :)
  • My sweety niece who is taking her SPM this year get 10 A+ !
  • My freaking taller nephew who is taking his PMR get 8 A's !
  • My brother in law move up with his job
  • My crushy stay awesome with me! ;P

Ohh meee ? Wooo! Ofcourse lahhhh SECRETTO! HAHA!

Okay , apa kaitan benda ni dgn tajuk aku kan. wala wala! hahahahahahahaaa. I had no idea. Okay kawan, kita nak race car jap yer. Eh jgn risau, race dlm game aja. hehe
Bye byee bulan bulan dan bintang bintang sekalian ! Mmmuwaaaaaaaaaaaap!