Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fabulous on top Hana Tajima design.

Well, i hope the girl next mirror is me. I just can say woww! Ohh or you want Woooo! HAHA. up to you which is better la. She so genius in fashion design. Malatoooup! Okay, there has no word to describe how much fabulous she is in fashion. Cekidaut ya babyy fashionistass!

Shomaart lah kan. Simple and cool picca

    Ohh no wayy. This outfit look great in her body ! I envy yours !

Wohh no! I couldnt stand dah when I look this picca. Muchy hot okayhh!

relaxx , have some more. hehh ;)

freaking hot kan ? laaaaagi !

Tak puas hati lagi ? Nahhh, tengok lah video ni

okayyy, dah dahh. I should rob bank and grab all her design. HAHA! 

Love so young, 
Emma Kamal xD