Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Duit. Datang dan Pergi

Ohhey readers! Miss me huh ? I mean miss my entry ;D

Seems like I've been missing lama gilaaa kan. For me, but not you. Because I really love and miss to chill in my blog. Okay before Christmas, me and sister planned to celeb the end of year at Kuala Lumpur. Damn, I hope it will be until New Year coz its kinda boring to be in my hometown. Sale pun tk mcm sale ;D . So, 5 days aje dapat pergi sana. But, Im totally happy.

One sentence, shopping till I drop!

First picture, pembuka bicara. 

And first day shopping selepas ambil bawak balik si kembar saya

Second day shopping , almost perfect outfit i got! Spotted.

Third day yaww! Puas gilaa. *Sebenarnya taakkkk. Mommaayy nak lagii  >_<

My money gone.

Tan Sri sila come lahh ;P 

Wait, I wanna show something. 
Ada org tanya, TAHUKAH ANDA 70 % orang yang miskin di dalam dunia ini adalah wanita ? *This question just killing me* Nak suruh aku berhenti shopping ke ? HAHA 

Bye bye bye!