Thursday, June 7, 2012


Holla people!

Yeaaaaaah, gimme the air. I wanna breathe. This year, too many people getting married, especially my close friends. My friends yang cantik-cantik nak kahwin weewooooo! I love you guys, and happy for you guyss ! I think I'm so gonna post the entry about your wedding day NANTI ! Hehehehehee.

Okay now, I'm boring and got nothing to do. Actually got lotsa work to do, but since malas, ahh persetankan. HAHAHAHAA :P

Last day, someone keep dragging me a question.  My male friend asked me okay. Annoying question everrrr from him. Why don't you have a boyfriend Fatimah? *He usually call me Timoh* TROLOLOL :D Bro, for your information I feel glad and thankful to Allah that I don't have boyfriend since iam 19. Before that ? Ada. hihihi, tapi terlalu kebudak-budakan. Feel like Nauzubillah, why I go for puppet love dulu. And now Alhamdulillah, I am actually a lot happier that I'm letting he go from my life. I'm glad I made this decision.Yeah, sekarang I used to friend with the boys, which is we just only FRIEND

Dulu i felt really stressful when my love life didn't work. After broke up, I'm busying myself with working & studying. Abt almost 4 years im being single. And now i am really comfortable with my life. And that's really makes me thinking what a love really means actually between girl & boy. Lotsa friend keep asking me abt my love life. And nobody know what im going through before. For me, It's not cool to tell everyone that im in love with a person. I feel not special. And sometimes, they forcing me to story out abt my bf. *but the reality is I don't belong to any guy, actually. * And they think I lied about it. Heyy seriously , is it important to have bf? To have a bf to buy somethg special or to suppprt your life. To treat you like a princess, to loving you like only you own this world. To show to ppl that we are in love. Neaah, itu bukan Siti Fatimah Mohd Kamal.

But who knows, I manusia. Sometimes, I rasa terbawa-bawa perasaan memberontak and keinginan terhadap benda yang tak mungkin terjadi. Okay, keinginan apa yang sebenarnya, dok tahu la. Heeee. Rasa nak stress out everything on mind and let people know yang I maybe single but I'm not desperate. Hehehee. Okay, what's the point I want to post now? Again, pedulikan. Bye.

Oh yaa yaa yaaaaaa, Iklan jap.

A guy yang boleh memasak atau paling kurang help his mother in the kitchen is so sexxayy . For me la. ahaks :P