Friday, April 27, 2012

I like to imagine of a marriage with a lot of positive vibes .
Such as...

A husband who wakes me up for Solat Tahajud...
A husband who reminds me how we need to do Solat Jemaah together so we could get double deeds instead..
A husband who would kiss my forehead in the morning and motivates me that I should do everything because of Allah..
A husband who hugs me tight when I am down or crying and read to me some ayat Al-Quran and say "its okay Allah and me will always be with you"..
A husband who gives not handbags, not jewels but islamic motivation books..
A husband who looks at me in the eyes and praise me at the same time praising Allah..
A husband who can do tilawah Al-Quran together..
A husband that can read doa sebelum tidur together..
A husband that would lower down his ego and say sorry when things get wrong..
A husband with full of suprises..

The list goes on.. But all in all , a husband for Jannah :)

O future husband , where at thou ? =)