Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get your P & C if talk about love

So, do you guys in love ? Well actually, I dont understand why people desperately want to have girlfriend or boyfriend . I mean keep updating status about that and meronta-ronta or anythg. I know, it's up to you, but please lah, don't bee too obsess with your love. What about if he or she will not be your forever lover? Memalukann. For quite sometimes it's okay la, well we all have feeling kan. but OH PLEASEEE. Why dont you just find one or just keep it to yourself . Dont let people think you not mature and its so embarrassing to let people know that you're desperate for love , I know im talking about the old me, but now i realised abt it. And I pulak feel it annoying kayy. So guys, dont regret later ;)

Oh btw, you are too ugly to flirting with me kayss ;) -Attitude