Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello welloww people! 

Are you 





Me ? Sexxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayhhhh! Yeah! Not believe me? Iam sexy baby! Wee.

Naa, naa naaa, I'm not talking about myself so sexy with the half naked or something but I have my Sexy Perfume from PLAYBOY. Okay quite kecoh, but my web, my WAY! I'm so boring, just don't know what to do. So me google the PLAYBOY FRAGRANCE FOR WOMEN. Because i'm so in love with the smell. Scottish, quite soft and sexxayyyhh. Actually I didn't know what exactly the sexy smell. You know ? Whatever lah kan. Important is, SEXY! HAHA

 Press your XX or XY

Waiting the loading ...

So, you can choose any fragrance

Still waiting the loading maaa ... (!)

Then it play a boy to youuu. Eh ehhh, play the commercial ads

So, take a look this video here

And I choose "Play it Sexy" because I already have sexy one. And it smells good! Buy playboy! Never regret. 

Byeeee !