Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boredom Killer

no taller than 5'6
younger than you
Tomboy or Girly girl:
in between.
Describe your hair:
wavy and unmanageable -_-
Describe your personal style:
What beauty secret did your mother pass on to you?
ahh plenty. must be big nose. haha
Personal beauty philosophy:
you look good,you feel good.
Favorite lipgloss:
dislike lipgloss
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
prettaaaay long...
Favorite peice of clothing in your closet:
ahh too many :D
Do you spend a lot of money on your hair?
not really.
What about beauty products in general?
yes i do. err. no idea
Would you ever have plastic surgery?
No no no. But people still judge my gelebeh cheek
Biggest fashion no no:
What is the trend you dislike the most?
the kind of clothing Bb 'goth' screw ups wears. Budak Bustand or Rempit and Punk not dead. and why you dont ask me what i like ?
Ever been to a fashion show?
yes i have. actually, no.
How do you feel about celebrity culture?
i don't have much thoughts on it.
Do you go to for celeb gossip?
no i don't. i hate gossip
Favorite shampoo:
Sunsilk & Herbal Essence. but now, Clear. lol
Favorite body wash:
Body Shop fruity ones. Lifebuoy mandian keluarga ;P
Do you tan?
no i don't.
What is your most important beauty product:
loose powder and eyeliner.
Would you ever go out in public without makeup?
i do go to school and around my house area without em.
Do you think you are fat?
no,but i'm not thin thin. yes, iam!
What size jeans do you wear?
26. could be 27
Who is your favorite celebrity?
Angelina Jolie. Kim Kardashian. Miranda Kerr
Who is your least favorite celebrity?
malaysian celebs. not really them
Do you like metrosexual boys?
I do,alot alot alot.
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Physical or intellectual beauty?
Lethal combination of both.
Favorite makeup line:
maybe she's born with it,maybe it's maybelline ;p.and  LOREAL  
Favorite skincare line:
Take Care,Garnier *because wanna look like Lisa Surihani.huahua.
Do you look up to anyone in the fashion industry?
Yes I do,models and hollywood celebs.
Ever want to be a makeup artist?
Not really.
Describe your beauty routine:
Is there anything you absolutely CANT wear?
Ever feel ugly?
Who has great style?
Hana Tajima and Taylor Momsen. And plenty of Malaysian blogger
Do you steel style ideas from friends?
Do you have a look?
yeah but i'm not sure the right word to describe it.
Favorite perfume:
Body Shop. Gucci and i stole my bro's perfume, the best men odour
Any last words?